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    Violent Sun, Space Weather



    As Summer approaches, we become more aware of our nearest
    star - the Sun. We feel its heat on a sunny day, and its light is all
    around us.

    Come to the Planetarium as we probe the mysteries of this local
    star of ours. Journey from the unimaginable heat of the Sun's
    core to its turbulent surface, and onward to its outer atmosphere -
    the pearly Corona.

    Witness at first hand the dark sunspots which pockmark its surface,
    the arching prominences, and even greater eruptions which surge
    from this blazing colossus at the heart of the Solar System.

    The greatest solar eruptions interfere with satellites in Earth
    orbit, disrupt radio communications, knock out electrical power
    systems, and produce wonderful auroral displays.

Important Notice:
At the start of a Planetarium show, your eyes will take a few minutes to adapt to the dark. For this reason, latecomers cannot be admitted. To avoid this, please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time.

Admission Prices: £7.00 for adults, or £5.00 for children under 16.

PLEASE NOTE that we are unable to accept credit or debit cards at present.

This show is suitable for children age 6 and upwards.


As space in our star theatre is limited, visitors for the public presentations are strongly advised to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Tickets may be reserved by telephoning the Planetarium on 01243 774400, or the ticketline on 07818 297292.

If we are unable to deal with your telephone request for information immediately, please leave your name and telephone number and the nature of your enquiry and we shall call you back as soon as we can.

Tickets for the public presentations are also available, to personal callers only, from the Tourist Information Office in The Novium, Tower Street, Chichester.