. South Downs Planetarium: Springtime Stars & Galaxies

South Downs Planetarium

Springtime Stars & Galaxies

Public Shows for the family (aged 6+)

SDP Car Park

About This Show

Friday 20th May @ 7:30pm

Duration 60min Approx

On Spring evenings - if the skies are clear - we can look beyond the veil of stars in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. As we look out into the wider universe we see countless other galaxies, many like our own, but many that are quite different.

Come and explore this cosmic 'zoo' - dwarf galaxies, giant galaxies, weird galaxies, and some with supermassive black holes at their hearts.

Directions & Map.

The South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre is located at the southern end of the Chichester High Schools campus.

There is no direct access off the Chichester Bypass. Vehicular access via Kingsham Road only.

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Car Parking

There are two free car parks available.

SDP Car Park

The South Downs Planetarium one of two car parks.

Note for Satnav users.

Satnav postcode use PO19 8EB

In what3words uk use

& the Google Maps option to get you to our gate.

Prices and Admission

Opening Times

Because we are a charity run by volunteers we are only open for the public shows from 45 minutes before the published show time. Therefore there is no facility to accomodate casual vistors.


The seats in the Dome are Aircraft seats set at an angle to provide the best possible view. These seats do not recline, they do however tilt forwards slightly to provide easy access to the rows behind when entering and leaving.

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Gift Aid

Please also consider making a donation under the Gift Aid scheme. It costs you nothing and gives us more. Download the Gift Aid form here