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  • Facilities We Offer Included

    • The auditorium in the Dome has seating for up to 96 people with additional space and easy access for wheelchairs.

    • A centre for associated sciences:

    - Library
    - Laboratory/Workshop
    - Information Technology Centre

    • The Richard Bunker Hall provides seating for over 60 people. As well as providing a secure and comfortable location for visitors to leave coats and bags and to eat lunch.

    The hall also has many other features, these include:

    • Viewspace; an internet-connected computer and large-format HD TV display to show the latest images, movies, animations and news from the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA spacecraft observatories.

    • Multiple PC workstations; used, for example, to study satellite images of weather patterns.

    • Stunning fixed graphic displays.

    • Observing with robotic observatories.

    • Various displays of our solar system and meteorites.

    • Souvenir gift shop; selling and range of low priced items such as pencils, notepads, postcards and books.

    Please scroll down to the next section to view a selection of books we have on sale over in our souvenir gift shop.

  • Pit your astronomical knowledge against our Quiz Book.
    Fourteen quizzes (with answers) to suit all levels; perfect for
    Clubs and Societies.

    Introductory price: £5.00

    Available in December 2001

    The story of the discovery of the planets and moons in the
    solar system, from ancient to modern times. This book is now
    in its fifth edition, and has recently been brought up to date by
    Patrick Moore.

    Introductory price: £3.50

    Available in December 2001

    Written by SDAS member Peter Fray, this book explains
    what there is to see in the constellations visible in the
    Northern Hemisphere.

    Introductory price: £3.50

  • Written many years ago by one of South Downs Astronomical Society's
    members, and republished in 1997 as the first 'Planetarium Publication',
    this book still has excellent advice for making a simple telescope,
    using everyday objects.

    Price: £4.00

    We still have a few souvenir copies of this book, written by
    Patrick Moore in 1999, capturing the excitement of the
    1999 Total Solar Eclipse.

    Price to clear: £1.00

    The Planetarium gift shop also has a range of t-shirts, videos, posters and other souvenirs